Art in the streets of Kabul

“Art can bring change, I am sure. If people see an artwork, it will perhaps only cause a small shock to their mind, but that can grow and grow.”

Shamsia Hassani, 24, from Afghanistan, is her country’s first serious graffiti artist.

Yesterday, Swedish television showed an interview with her and I was impressed by what she’s doing. An article from The Guardian “Art in the streets of Kabul” tells us more about her. Her art
is painted inside the ruin of Kabuls Culture Centre. An associate professor of sculpture at Kabul University, she draws, paints in oil, and is a founding member of a contemporary art collective, Rosht, or “growth”. She was introduced to graffiti when a British artist in late 2010 hold a week-long course in street art.

“If you have art like graffiti in the street, everyone can see that … If we can do graffiti all over the city, there will be nobody who doesn’t know about art.”

She take pictures of places in the city and work with them in Photoshop and do digital designs. Or print out a picture of the street and then do graffiti with a paintbrush. A lot of her work features women in burqas, but with a modern silhouette, with hips and sharp shoulders; or fish, trapped and silent in their watery universe.

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