Jenny Nyström – Swedish painter and illustrator

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Jenny Nystrom_collage

Jenny Nyström is the girl from Kalmar, Sweden that went to Paris and became one of Sweden’s most beloved illustrators. She was an academically skilled artist in a time when a woman’s role was to take care of home and family. She was the mother of the Swedish “Tomte” (Santa Claus) She began to study at The Gothenburg Museum Fine Arts School.

Jenny was a good student, and considered as very talented. She made Illustrations to Viktor Rydbergs tale “Little Viggs Adventure on Christmas Eve”. The book, with Jenny’s Illustrations have since then been printed in at least 15 editions, it has also been translated into several languages. (photograph of Jenny below)

jenny_nystrom_paintingJenny Nyström 021Jenny Nyström 010Jenny Nyström8


These illustrations established her life long relationship with the Tomte character (Santa Claus).
Languishing for Paris, she had to win the Royal Medal. She portrayed Gustav Vasa (Gustavus Vasa as a Child before King…

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