One picture (Stråvalla strand)


The photo above is from Stråvalla strand, near Varberg in Halland, Sweden.

Im writing on a new blog right now, called ‘Resereportage’ – Travelpieces. You are welcome to read it.
When I photoshopped this photography – in black and white and color –  it suddenly showed a different meaning to me, then the original did.

The photo above somehow remind me of my grandmother and grandfather. My Grandfather is no longer alive, but it is like he’s still with me somehow. He died 1½ years ago, and as time goes by I can see we are more and more alike. It’s like he somehow is a part of me. He encouraged me to write and photograph and always wanted to see my small magazines (that I did as a child) He knew everything about history, travel and many other things too. And he was a man who always wanted to tell a story.


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